New poll shows Obama, Udall lead in Colorado

A fresh round of polling by Public Policy Polling shows Barack Obama still leading John McCain in Colorado. And it puts Democrat Mark Udall over Republican Bob Schaffer for the U.S. Senate race, but by a smaller margin than last month.

Obama, who led McCain by as much as 10 points in Colorado in recent months, was 4 points ahead in polling of 933 Colorado voters in the first week of August. 

Udall, who polled 9 points ahead of Schaffer last month slipped 2 points but was still in the lead by47 to 41 percent.

The margin of error in the PPP poll was 3.2 percent.

Another set of match-ups looked at inthe PPP poll was how Sen. Ken Salazar polled against Rep. Tom Tancredo or Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman two years from now, when Salazar is up for a second term.

The results?

Ken Salazar current rating:

Approve 39 percent

Disapprove 36 percent

Salazar vs. Tancredo:

Salazar 49 percent

Tom Tancredo 37 percent

Salazar vs. Coffman:

Salazar 46 percent

Mike Coffman 38 percent