Oops, Pfaff endorses Amstrong in violation of IRS rules

Jim Pfaff, the former director of the Colorado Family Institute (CFI), is endorsing Wil Armstrong in the four-way race for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, but his former organization wasn’t too pleased with how the news got out.

The Colorado Family Institute, a pro-life group closely associated with Focus on the Family, sent an e-mail retraction notice this week, asking readers to ignore a weekend e-mail from Pfaff, that was erroneously sent under the organization’s name, endorsing Armstrong, who already has a long list of prominent supporters.

As the retraction notice explained: 

First, as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, Colorado Family Institute cannot endorse candidates.

Second, citizens in the 6th District in fact have several wonderful candidates on the ballot representing pro-life and pro-family issues.

“There was an error that took place as stated there,” said Pfaff, who still says Armstrong is the man for the job.

“He’s a businessman who’s got a lot of experience in the community and will be able to take those values to Washington,” Pfaff said, noting Armstrong has strong “pro-life and pro-family values.”

Pfaff declined to say whether those values are stronger than those of Armstrong’s opponents in today’s primary race, Secretary of State Mike Coffman, and state senators Ted Harvey and Steve Ward.