Three keys to Colorado turning blue

CBS News Wednesday declared Colorado the state to watch in this year’s presidential race. The network noted that Colorado has slowly been trending toward Democratic candidates and predicted 2008 could be the year this traditionally red state turns blue.

Three key elements will determine whether Colorado’s nine electoral votes go to Barak Obama or John McCain this fall: Hispanic voter turnout, which way the Denver suburbs vote and a trend toward voters registering as Democrats, according to CBS.

From the report:

This year, though, perhaps no state better embodies Barack Obama and the Democrats’ hopes of recasting that map, with its fast-growing, Democratic-trending suburbs and Hispanic voters. Recent elections have raised their expectations: Democrats recently captured a Senate seat and governorship here, and even though he lost, John Kerry improved on Al Gore’s vote from four years prior.

CBS’ analysis goes on to provide a lot of interesting stats on Colorado voters and why the Dems have a reasonable shot at convincing a majority of Coloradans to vote forthe party’s presidential pick for the first time since Bill Clinton won the state in 1992.

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