CU officials try to stop student parties before they start

With the first day of classes quickly approaching, administrators at the University of Colorado at Boulder are doing their best to quell the school’s notorious reputation as party central. CU and the city of Boulder recently announced a "walkabout" program to take place Friday night, in which interim city manager Stephanie Grainger, CU-Boulder chancellor G.P. "Bud Peterson" and other university officials and students will roam through off-campus neighborhoods greeting students and neighbors.

The program seeks to remind off-campus students about their duties as good neighbors and citizens; officials will be passing out a "Smart Party Guide" to remind students to keep their ragers in check. But though the "walkabout" night represents a gentle nudge toward student responsibility, CU officials have their work cut out for them.

After a brief hiatus off the Princeton Review’s list of party schools, the state university is back at No. 13 this year and also enjoys a No. 3 ranking for "reefer madness" and a No. 14 ranking for hard liquor consumption.