Ex-candidate Chowdhury facing recall

Here’s a post-primary detail to ponder: Even after Democrat Vince Chowdhury choked and slapped his daughter and pleaded guilty to third-degree misdemeanor harassment charges — and after he withdrew from the race — 596 people still voted for him to represent them in the state House of Representatives.

Chowdhury didn’t win the primary, of course. Camille Ryckman, who raked in endorsements from 18 sitting lawmakers, including Speaker Andrew Romanoff, received 2,930 votes, or 83 percent, in the House District 22 race in Jefferson County.

And now Chowdhury, whose assault on his teenaged daughter was sparked when she didn’t open the garage door fast enough for him when he arrived home one day, is facing a recall. That’s right, even after his fellow members of his currently elected seat on the Jefferson County School Board passed a resolution asking for his resignation, Chowdhury remains on the board overseeing Colorado’s largest school district.

Members of a group organized to recall Chowdhury are planning to attend the Aug. 21 board meeting to rally and demand that he comply with the Jeffco Board of Education’s request to resign.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m., 1829 Denver West, Bldg. #27, Golden.