Is Huckabee trying to sabotage Mitt Romney?

Don’t get on the wrong side of Mike Huckabee.

He will send Chuck Norris after you or, if you are Mitt Romney, try and sabotage your chances at being vice president.

Mitt Romney speaks to supporters at a Denver campaign stop in February. (Photo/Jason Kosena)

“I think there are better choices for Sen. McCain that have the approval of value voters,” Huckabee said on Fox News Thursday.

Earlier in the week, he told CBS that many Republicans are “not necessarily comfortable” with Romney because of his changed positions.

The question is why would Huckabee, who has largely been out of the presidential race and the public eye for months, be coming out now?

Well, some people say it’s because he is fighting to keep Romney, who had much support in the early 2008 primaries, out of the 2012 or the 2016 presidential races.

The reasoning, politicos rationalize, is a veep spot on John McCain’s ticket leaves the number 2 in a great position to become the number 1 in future elections.

Huckabee, who spent the better part of the last five weeks of his campaign this year raising personal income through speaking engagements, doesn’t like the sound of Romney being No. 2 or No. 1.