NYT touts Denver-made Obama gear

The New York Times’ Sunday edition showcased Denver artists and merchants with “Buy Partisan” gear for sale, from T-shirts and belt buckles to truffles.

The mix of convention-inspired goodies available in both St. Paul and Denver include a mural design by two Denver youths that will be made into a commemorative, Obama inauguration T-shirt by Denvercrat, a Denver-based design company that Colorado Independent profiled earlier this year.

Julie Rubsam, one of the two Denverites behind DenverCrat, said the company, which also makes bumper stickers, magnets and buttons, has sold 2,500 items this year and will have a booth on Denver’s 16th Street Mall during the Aug. 25-28 convention.

“We’re thrilled every time we see a shirt coming towards us and are like ‘That’s one of ours,'” said Rubsam, who volunteered her garage as the site of the commemorative Obama mural.