C-SPAN tricks its ride

Not looking to be outdone by the police, C-SPAN has pulled up in front of the Denver Art Museum for some community love before the convention. They’ll be at various places around town, but you can check them out at the DAM until 1:00 p.m. today.

(Photo/Jeff Bridges)
(Photo/Jeff Bridges)

(Photo/Jeff Bridges)
(Photo/Jeff Bridges)
Adrienne Hoar, an Education Coordinator for C-SPAN, took a little time to show me around the bus, and while it’s no CNN superbus it’s still quite something. They have a nice setup with a pair of chairs to conduct interviews that they can broadcast live right from the bus. They won’t do that during the convention, however, as they have a ton of stuff is set up inside the Pepsi.

Hoar also told me about a C-SPAN’s put together with live convention coverage from gavel to gavel. They’ve even included the ability to clip your favorite part of any speech and embed it right on your site — a great tool for bloggers!

Stay tuned for more convention coverage here on the Colorado Independent. I’m going to lots of parties this week…

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