I love me some Police State’n, yeah!

    I’ve spent the last hour enjoying some fantastic coffee at Novo, a little shop across from the Denver Art Museum, and during that time I’ve seen three groups of at least 15 police officers walk by, what looked like a Wells Fargo truck with “Aurora Police” stenciled on the side driving down 13th – and a police helicopter just now flew overhead.

    (Photo/Jeff Bridges)
    (Photo/Jeff Bridges)
    Granted, the main Denver police station is just a few blocks down from the DAM, but when did Denver start looking like a scene from Apocalypse Now? All the cops and paramedics have gas masks hanging off their belts like something from Desert Storm, and a few weeks ago I watched Blackhawk helicopters practice take-offs and landings at Denver Health.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the Recreate ’68 crowd, and just because a majority of people disagree with their extreme views doesn’t make this a “sham democracy,” as one sign I saw recently claimed. It actually makes it a pretty functional one. So does the fact these folks can say and do wacked out stuff within earshot of the delegates — you know, the people who actually decided to participate in our electoral process.

    Due respect to the men and women in blue, but I’m starting to get a little creeped out.

    There goes the helicopter again…

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