Meditate ’08 offers DNC the sound of silence

If any of Denver’s 50,000 visitors or everyday residents need a break Aug. 23—28 from convention chaos, solace can be found a hop, skip and jump from the Democratic National Convention festivities at Meditate ’08.

Those tired of listening to political rhetoric are invited to listen instead to their hearts at Fishbank Landing Park, near Interstate 25 and Speer Boulevard, where 40 meditation and yoga teachers from a variety of spiritual backgrounds are inviting participants to revel in silence.

The event is being billed as the “first multidenominational meditation retreat in U.S. political history,” according to the Meditate ’08 Web site.

The retreat is the brain child of David Nichol, a Denver psychiatrist and Buddhist practitioner who submitted his name to last year’s park permit lottery and won use of the park for, not one, but all six days, according to the group’s Web site.

How’s that for karma?