Anti-gay, anti-abortion group loudly invades 16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall was the scene of megaphoned members of the “Official Street Preachers” railing against pro-choice candidates and homosexuality and urging Denver residents and visitors to repent.

Police keep "preachers" and crowds at a safe distance from each other on the 16th Street Mall.

(Photo/J.C. O'Connell)
(Photo/J.C. O'Connell)
At one point about 50 police officers surrounded the group to prevent the “preachers” and passersby who objected to their message from clashing.

“Homosexuals are a threat to national security,” one of the protesters boomed.

The group is drawing its fair share of taunts and arguments from softer-spoken passersby. One woman on a corner near the handful of “preachers” pointed to a man twirling a restaurant advertisement, saying:

“His sign makes more sense.”