FBI: Not so fast on supposed Obama threat

The AP’s Steven Paulson reports that federal investigators are downplaying the seriousness of a possible threat against Barack Obama:

“It’s premature to say that it was a valid threat or that these folks have the ability to carry it out,” said a U.S. government official familiar with the investigation. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing…

FBI spokeswoman Kathy Wright confirmed the FBI was investigating the reports but declined to elaborate. The Joint Information Center — a command set up by Denver, state and federal authorities to field media inquiries during the Democratic convention — said it had no immediate comment.

The various agencies — FBI, Secret Service, BATF and Aurora cops — scheduled a news conference for Tuesday afternoon. The suspect, held at the Arapahoe County jail on $50,000 bond, faces drug charges and could face additional federal charges.

“It could also turn out that these were nothing but a bunch of knuckleheads, meth heads,” the U.S. government official said.

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