Republican family values

People who live in seven to ten glass houses …

In the “at last the gloves have come off” category (not that they were ever on), the Texas Republican Party unleashed a 35-second web-only ad this weekend that takes Barack Obama to task because he has a half-brother who lives in Kenya. Take a look (keep watching until the bitter end, there’s a kicker):

Since Republicans have been attacking Michelle Obama since February, without gaining much traction, it should come as no surprise they’ve widened their net to include Obama’s half-brother, George. What is surprising, however, is how the Texas GOP invites comparisons to Cindy McCain’s stewardship of her half-sisters, one of whom emerged from years of obscurity a week ago after hearing Cindy refer to herself as “an only child” one time too many.

When Cindy McCain talks about growing up, she usually refers to herself as an “only child” — a phrase that ignores the existence of her half-sisters.

“It’s terribly painful,” Kathleen Hensely Portalski said. “It is as if she is the ‘real’ daughter. I am also a real daughter.”

… The half-sisters had little contact growing up and have not spoken since Hensley’s funeral in 2000. In his will, he left just $10,000 to his older daughter; Cindy inherited her father’s multimillion-dollar fortune.