Road warriors thwarted by transportation logistics

A group planning to protest the rising price of fuel Monday with a parade through downtown Denver was foiled when its organizer couldn’t find transportation from New Jersey to the Mile-High city.

Michael “JB” Schaffner, the organizer of The American Driver protest, said he couldn’t find anyone, including his brother, willing to take on the organizing responsibilities for the protest, which was planned to start at 2 p.m. near Civic Center Park in downtown Denver.

“We were planning a nice drive around the city,” Schaffner said. “I feel like I’ve let people down. I feel bad about all this.”

The American Driver is a group of truckers and motorists that opposes tolling on established interstates and advocates for “drivers’ rights.”

Schaffner said he was stranded far away from public transportation and pointed out it would take 2 1/2 days to drive to Denver.

He vowed to make it to the Republican National Convention in September.

“The fight is still in me,” Schaffner said.


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