‘Saturday Night Fever’ at the DNC

    While the convention didn’t technically kick off until today’s DNC Interfaith Gathering, that didn’t stop conventioneers from throwing a few parties Saturday night.

    RBI Strategy and Research and Isaacson Rosenbaum P.C. had a shindig at the Corner Office, across from DPAC. The food was a little bleh, but the drink vouchers stole the show — replica entry tickets to past conventions.

    Many thanks to local communications guru Mark Eddy for getting me a pass into my next party, the “Media Welcoming Reception” at Elitch Gardens. Yup, the Host Committee bought out the entire park for the night. That meant not just free rides, but free Dippin’ Dots, funnel cakes, food, Coors beer, and yes, even those awful “win a giant stuffed animal that will sit in some corner of the house until your next garage sale” games were all free.

    Oddly, I only saw a few reporters (Lynn Bartels, of course, who knew everyone walking by). Apparently reporters had an extremely difficult time getting Media Welcoming Reception passes, and even working for the Denver Newspaper Agency didn’t guarantee entry into their tightly guarded VIP area.

    I don’t even know who hosted my final party of the night at Tamayo but I think it was Congressman Kevin Murphy (D-MA). I’d walked by Tamayo before and seen the late-night revelry, but I’d never actually been inside until last night — FANTASTIC. Great food, great atmosphere, great balcony.

    The place wasn’t too crowded, unlike far too many convention events, and wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t talk to people. Which might have been why I didn’t like it very much. Ugh. It’s like the worst parts of DC have come home to Denver, although no one asked me, “What do you do?” which makes it at least a little better than the Hill.

    Far more parties this week, and sleep is for the weak! Stay tuned!

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