Veepstakes settled, grapevine turns to Boss-stakes

The blog that first predicted Barack Obama would move his acceptance speech to Invesco Field could earn another prognostication feather if rumors flying around Denver turn out to come true. DemConWatch followed up its Invesco coup with reasoned speculation that Bruce Springsteen would appear on stage to serenade the Democratic ticket in front of 75,000 screaming fans.

Rocky Mountain News reporter Mark Brown appears to have a second-hand negative confirmation via a band mate that a solo Springsteen will be performing at Invesco, along with another Jersey-centric rumor placing Jon Bon Jovi on stage too:

Multiple sources confirmed to the Rocky that Jon Bon Jovi will fly in to perform two acoustic songs before Sen. Barack Obama gives his acceptance speech at Invesco Field on Thursday night. After the speech, Bruce Springsteen will close out the night, presumably solo acoustic (E Street Band member Nils Lofgren told the Rocky last week that the band wouldn’t be with Springsteen in Denver).

This follows a third-hand account posted Friday on DailyKos confirming the Boss had been signed to sing at the historic speech.

Not so fast, party poops The Page Sunday night:

1,001 hearts broken — rumors of Springsteen Thursday night appearance at Invesco Field turn out to be definitively false.

What would Democrats — and pundits — do without a good rumor to toss around? Will Springsteen help with working class Ohio voters? Is Bon Jovi’s selection a slap in the face to Clinton delegates? Do recent events in Georgia argue for the inclusion of Charlie Daniels? Unless ABC News breaks the story early, you’ll have to show up or tune in Thursday night to find out.

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