Liveblog: ‘Where are the issues’ panel

I’m here at the Big Tent at a panel discussing the dearth of policy issues in traditional media and how independent outlets and bloggers are making the difference in the political-policy process.

10:39 am: Engaging the urban community
Mark Lloyd of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights discussed how policy issues, especially those affecting urban communities, appear to be a mystery to the media at large. That bloggers are picking up the slack is heartening.

10:45 am: The media pounds its own narrative despite the facts
Heather Smith of Rock the Vote shares an anecdote of record youth vote turn-out in 2006 yet the traditional media reported that young voters as a political bloc was inconsequential despite facts and figures that contradicted the media’s own reporting.

10:53 am: Appreciation and frustration with traditional media
Center for Independent Media CEO David Bennahum (Colorado Independent’s parent organization) mentions that changes in technology and consumer appetite for political news is making sea changes in reporting on local public policy and political issues to better inform voters.

11:05 am: Audience Q&A
Mark Lloyd discusses how ageism and a lack of understanding of disparate groups’ own issues are often ignored or minimized that fails to strengthen and advance the progressive movement.

Heather Smith responds to a person concerned about youth voters who feel left out of the movement and often don’t have basic information about voting.

Quick panel but very interesting.

My apologies to Gene Karpinsky, Executive Director of the League of Conservation Voters, whose opening remarks I was unable to hear.

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