The problem with change?

An interesting question was raised Tuesday in a roundtable: What message does the Democratic Party have beyond the mantra, pushed by their current presidential candidate, of “change”?

No one had an immediate answer, but the concern is that Republicans will always have a platform of smaller government and lower taxes, while the Democrats’ 2008 message of change has, by nature, an expiration date.

Conservative pollster Frank Luntz recently conducted a focus group with 21 undecided Colorado voters, according to The National Review.

The “change” message left a lot of room for interpretation in those voters’ minds, which is evident by the words they used to describe Sen. Barack Obama, including: scary, new, terrifying, charismatic, unknown, innovative, inexperienced, hopeful, unaffordable and smooth.

Although McCain also got his fair share of undesirable adjectives with older, scary and repeat — as in a repeat of President George W. Bush.

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