The revolution is being televised

The media revolution is being televised. In fact, it’s also being blogged, live-streamed and twittered, which got veteran political blogger John Nichols, of The Nation, excited this afternoon as he told a crowd of online media members and activists they’d be part of tearing down the old news-making system and starting anew.

“You will never get to what is closest to your heart unless we reform the media of this country,” Nichols said.

But Nichols also cautioned those at the Tuesday afternoon Big Tent event that the country also needs to address a host of other pressing issues such as campaign finance reform.

“Our democracy needs a democracy cocktail,” he said, in a reference to treating HIV on multiple fronts with an “AIDS cocktail.”

Nichols certainly has a point with camera crews constantly in and out of the Big Tent filming new media journalists typing away during the four-day Democratic National Convention.