Rep. Chet Edwards: Obama a friend to Vets

Texas Congressman Chet Edwards Wednesday introduced an emotional video about America’s veteran, touting Sen. Barack Obama as a friend to veterans, criticizing Sen. John McCain, a Vietnam veteran for his record on veteran’s issues.

“[McCain] has repeatedly voted against health care funding and benefits for his fellow veterans.
And if elected, his plan could lead to the rationing of veterans’ health care. The fact is, our veterans can’t afford more of the same from John McCain,” Edwards said.

Edwards, D-Texas, briefly considered a dark horse in the running for Obama’s vice presidential choice, hammered away on the Democrats’ message of a need for change, on the third night of the Democratic National Convention.

The conservative Democrat, who represents George W. Bush’s hometown, Crawford, Texas, also highlighted Obama’s support of the GI education bill and an increase in funding for veterans.

Obama will also responsibly bring troops home from Iraq and make their health care a higher priority than tax cuts for oil companies, said Edwards, the son of a WWII naval pilot.

His speech was followed by a brief, emotional video of veterans and their families, narrated by actor Tom Hanks, who talked about the need to take care of veterans.

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