Can Biden’s credentials on women’s issues draw Hillary backers?

Quincy Lucas, a Delaware woman whose sister was murdered, delivered the vice presidential nominating speech last night, highlighting Sen. Joe Biden’s commitment to fighting violence against women.

Much of the focus on Biden has rested on his foreign policy credentials, but that seems to be shifting as the campaign tries to woo remaining Clinton supporters.

Biden’s sponsorship of the Violence Against Women Act has emerged as a touchstone, especially with Hillary Clinton supporters, who pegged hopes on witnessing the first Democratic female president or vice president to enter the White House.

As Jim McKay writes on

Sen. Biden’s most significant legislative accomplishment was probably the passage in 1994 of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Sen. Biden was the original sponsor and architect of this landmark legislation, which has saved countless lives since its adoption.

VAWA is the most comprehensive federal legislation addressing domestic violence that has been adopted in the history of our nation. In addition to establishing stiffer penalties for gender-related violence, VAWA established the National Domestic Violence Hotline, provided grants to law enforcement and prosecuting agencies, and provides essential funding to domestic violence shelters across the nation.

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