McCain to Obama: “Job well done”

In an ad set to air Thursday night during coverage of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, John McCain congratulates the Illinois senator and notes this “historic day,” a reference to the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

McCain is running the ad to counter the perception it’s been running an entirely negative campaign, but it’s hardly the “historic” ad the McCain campaign has been teasing all day. However, while McCain himself may be playing good cop, rumors rumors continue to swirl that his campaign intends to play bad cop by leaking his running mate selection during the build-up to Obama’s speech.

Here’s a transcript of the ad:

McCain: “Senator Obama, this is truly a good day for America. You know, too often the achievements of our opponents go unnoticed, so I wanted to stop and say, congratulations. How perfect that your nomination would come on this historic day. Tomorrow, we’ll be back at it, but tonight, Senator, job well done. I’m John McCain and I approved this message.”