Wounded vet backs Obama at DNC

Wounded Iraq war veteran and Blackhawk helicopter pilot Tammy Duckworth added her military credentials to the list of Obama supporters who know a thing or two about the military.

Pointing out that the Iraq war was not related to the Sept. 11 attacks, Duckworth, who was shot down four years ago by a rocket-propelled grenade while piloting a helicopter just north of Baghdad, said the Bush administration had let soldiers down when it came to health care. Obama would safeguard military members benefits and would never lead the U.S. armed forces into ill-defined, open-ended conflicts, she added.

Duckworth, the director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, told the enthusiastic convention goers:

“I know Barack Obama. I met him when he visited me and other wounded troops at Walter Reed.
He came without reporters. He wasn’t looking for credit. He just cared about how we were doing,” Duckworth said, refuting a highly publicized rumor that Obama canceled a visit to wounded troops because photographers would not be accompanying him.