Crank turns T-shirt merchant with anti-Obama design

Three weeks after losing a rematch in the 5th Congressional District primary, Republican Jeff Crank is in St. Paul vending a T-shirt that warns against electing Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Featuring the familiar Obama logo with an added mushroom cloud, the “Obama bin Biden” shirts have generated plenty of interest at the Republican National Convention, Crank tells Politicker CO’s Jeremy Pelzer.

Visiting the convention as a guest of El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Bob Balink, Crank said his lawyers have had to go after several Web sites selling counterfeit copies of his design. He’s running an RNC special — two shirts for $35, shipping included — on The online store asserts:

If Barack Obama and Joe Biden win, they will weaken America’s defense. Their foreign policy choices and policies will strengthen and embolden the terrorists who attacked us on September 11th, and open up the opportunities to attack us again.

Crank said Monica Owens, an RNC delegate and daughter to former Gov. Bill Owens, has shown interest in the shirts.

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