Palin plays the earmark game

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin won the governorship of Alaska two years ago by campaigning as a reformer against the clique of Republican officeholders beholden to the now-indicted Sen. Ted Stevens. But as Washington Independent’s Matthew DeLong reports, Palin built her career as a small town mayor by hiring lobbyists to bring earmarked federal spending to her constituents. In February, she “submitted a request for $200 million in earmarks” to Stevens. Her claim “to being an anti-earmark crusader is a bit off,” DeLong notes.

Jefferson Morley is the national editorial director of the Center for Independent Media. A veteran Washington journalist, he wrote the World Opinion Roundup column for from 2001-2006. He also worked as an editor and reporter at The Washington Post from 1992 to 2000. He is the author of "Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA" published in 2008 by the University Press of Kansas.


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