Musgrave runs against Bush in a very special campaign ad

The Musgrave campaign unveiled a TV spot Wednesday that depicts a young girl — an actress, presumably portraying the young Marilyn — who sheds a glistening tear down her cheek after a voice chronicles her “hard times” growing up. The 4th District Republican then touts her work “with Democrats and Republicans” against President Bush’s proposed cutbacks to Medicare and veterans benefits. The 30-second ad, her first in this campaign, doesn’t mention the fact Musgrave is a Republican, but does show her flanked by Democrats Mark Udall and Ken Salazar — who, until recently, employed Musgrave’s Democratic challenger, Betsy Markey.

Musgrave, trailing Markey in recent polls, is facing an onslaught of advertising directed against her by and other third parties. Markey herself began advertising last week on cable channels.

Rep. Mark Udall, the Democratic Senate candidate, said Wednesday afternoon in a conference call that he was “flattered” by Musgrave’s inclusion of his image in her ad, but added: “Voters will have to decide if Congresswoman Musgrave is bipartisan.”

Markey spokesman Ben Marter fired back at the ad in a statement to Politicker CO, saying Musgrave “voted to cut more than $170 million from low-income home heating assistance. She voted against services for minority victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

“Staging a political ad won’t hide the fact that Musgrave has spent years in Congress voting against the homeless, the hungry, the broken and the battered,” Marter said.

Here’s what the ad says:

Announcer: Second-hand clothes and meals from the Salvation Army. A childhood devastated by a father’s alcoholism. Marilyn Musgrave knows about hard times, because she’s lived them. Today, you’ll find Marilyn helping the homeless, the hungry, the broken and battered. In Congress, Marilyn stands for what’s right, working with Democrats and Republicans to oppose the President’s cuts to Medicare and veterans. Congressman Marilyn Musgrave.

Musgrave: I’m Marilyn Musgrave and I authorized this message.

Note: The ad’s official script, released by the Musgrave campaign, quotes the announcer as saying “Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave,” but he says “Congressman Marilyn Musgrave” in the ad released on Wednesday.

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