Colorado’s monster ballot longest in the nation

(Photo/Keith Bacongco, Flickr)
(Photo/Keith Bacongco, Flickr)

With a record 18 proposals on everything from oil and gas taxes to unions to the developmentally disabled to gambling, Colorado voters will weigh in on the longest ballot in Colorado since 1912 — and the largest in the United States this year.

Many of the ballot measures are as complex as the ballot is long. And, according to the Bell Policy Center, a research nonprofit in Denver, five would directly impact the state’s budget. Here’s the lowdown on the five questions on Colorado’s November monster ballot that would have the biggest fiscal impacts. (Listed in their order of appearance on the ballot.)

For more information on the 2008 Colorado ballot, read Colorado ballot chock-full this year and Colorado’s monster ballot longest in the nation.

For the entire list of measures with links to the Colorado Legislative Council’s “Blue Book” analysis, see: Colorado voters face longest ballot in 96 years.

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