Denver city government gushes over DNC police force

In the wake of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Denver’s elected officials have beamed with pride over the massive police presence at the DNC. Last week, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper delivered laurels to the city’s police department for their efforts to quell some protest activities.

“Our police and Public Works crews engineered an extraordinary behind-the-scenes collaboration preceding and during the Democratic National Convention which thwarted plans of those intent on disrupting our city,” Hickenlooper said in a press release, referencing stock piles of potentially hazardous material that the police confiscated before and during the Convention. “We are extremely proud of these two agencies for their intelligent planning and performance.”

Yesterday, District 10 City Council member Jeanne Robb added to the accolades, calling the police work “cool-headed,” in a newsletter to her constituents.

So far, only at-large City Council member Doug Linkhart has voiced his skepticism about the law enforcement, questioning whether it was necessary for riot-ready cops to move throughout the city hanging onto the exteriors of SUVs.

“I don’t know if that was necessary,” Linkhart told The Rocky Mountain News last week. “I would only bring out the heavy artillery when we need it.”

But while city leaders seem largely content with the police effort, many protesters and their lawyers aren’t. Today, members of Re-create 68 announced their intention to file suit against the city and the officers for violating their constitutional rights to peaceful protest by using excessive force.