Obama ekes out lead in Colorado after conventions

A Rasmussen poll released Monday evening shows Barack Obama reclaiming the lead among Colorado voters. The Democrat leads Republican John McCain 49-46 percent in the crucial swing state, host to the Democratic National Convention and a record-setting speech by Obama at Denver’s Invesco Field.

An August survey from the same firm showed McCain with a 47-45 lead, a reversal from six previous monthly Rasmussen polls that had Obama slightly ahead.

Obama and McCain draw equal support from partisan Colorado voters, an improvement for Obama from the previous poll which showed McCain with the support of 90 percent of Republicans while Obama could count on 83 percent of Democrats. The pollsters speculated that the DNC, held in Denver two weeks ago, could have solidified party support for the nominee.

More Colorado voters view Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin “very favorably,” at 41 percent, than her running mate, Obama or his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden. McCain gets the highest affection from only 30 percent of those polled,while Obama reaps 36 percent “very favorable” reaction.

The survey was conducted Sunday among 500 voters and has a margin of error of 4.5 percent.

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