Reid to Lieberman: No lunch seat for you!

I love getting “Breaking News” alerts from Roll Call. Invariably they contain nothing at all of immediate importance, at least from the perspective of a guy who no longer works on the Hill. Do people in D.C. really need to know this stuff RIGHT NOW? According to an alert I just received, Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided that Senator Joe Lieberman “can no longer attend Democrats’ weekly caucus lunches or the biweekly chairman’s lunches used to formulate policy.” Well, duh.

From the accompanying story:

The decision comes in the wake of Lieberman’s attacks on Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) at the GOP convention last week, and essentially formalizes a deal Reid and Lieberman had cut earlier this year under which Lieberman would not attend meetings that included discussions of sensitive campaign or political issues.

Lieberman for weeks has voluntarily forgone the weekly caucus lunches and weekly policy lunches on Thursdays.

Glad they finally went and made the whole thing official. Though if Lieberman already wasn’t going, why the sudden move to “formalize” it? I guess if this gets any press beyond Roll Call it helps to mitigate the “Democrat attacking Democrat” narrative, but I doubt this will rate even a passing mention on the evening news. I’ve been wrong before though, so I guess I’ll just have to watch Katie Couric drag herself through one more night of a job she clearly has very little interest in doing. Joy!

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