Colorado ballot chock-full this year

(Photo/aperryz302, Flickr)
(Photo/aperryz302, Flickr)

With the longest ballot in the country this year, Colorado voters will face a dizzying list of 18 questions come November. But impassioned, signature-gathering citizens aren’t the only ones to blame for packing the mondo ballot. Four of the questions were placed on the ballot by the state legislature. Called referenda, this year’s items deal with state government rules and procedures. And, in a grand twist, one of them makes it harder for citizens to amend the state’s constitution via the initiative process.

Here is the deal with the four referenda (in order of appearance on the ballot):

For more information on the 2008 Colorado ballot, read Colorado’s monster ballot longest in the nation.

For the entire list of measures with links to the Colorado Legislative Council’s “Blue Book” analysis, see: Colorado voters face longest ballot in 96 years.

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