Markey launches second ad in 4th District blitz

Fanning the flames in an unusually competitve 4th District challenge to three-term Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, Democrat Betsy Markey announced Wednesday morning she will begin running a second TV ad this week.

The new ad, “Fiscal Responsibility” — a follow-up to her first, released three weeks ago — includes sepia-toned childhood photos of Markey’s family, a visual counterpoint to a Musgrave ad released last week that portrays the congresswoman’s “tough times” growing up. Primarily, though, Markey’s new ad touts her business background with a message of economic frugality. Here’s how her campaign describes it:

The 30-second spot also talks about Markey’s economic plan to cut government spending and restore fiscal discipline in Washington, D.C.

Markey’s first ad has been running on cable targeted to the northern Colorado district. The new ad, according to Markey spokesperson Ben Marter, will be “competitive” with Musgrave’s ad, which has been running heavily for the last week on Denver broadcast television.


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