Colorado Dem finds new meaning in ‘drill here, drill now’

Just when you think you have seen it all.

Colorado state Democratic leaders sent out a press release this afternoon criticizing the Republicans for a “drill only” energy platform. Not wasting much time to marry Republicans to the latest Interior Department scandal of staffers in Washington, D.C., and Lakewood, Colo., cavorting with energy company staff, Democratic House Majority Leader Alice Madden sent a shot across the bow.

When referring to oil company contracts that are tied in part to drugs, corruption and sexual activity, Madden said, “That certainly puts a whole new spin on the Republican mantra, ‘drill here, drill now.'”

Full release below:

DENVER – Colorado lawmakers, leading environmental organizations, and concerned citizens will hold a press conference on Friday, September 12, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. to encourage the U.S. Congress to reject drill-only solutions and urge the support of a balanced comprehensive energy package. The participants will discuss why a balanced energy package that includes real investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy and transportation alternatives benefits everyone – particularly Colorado.

“While Americans who play by the rules are suffering every time they fill up their gas tanks, the Bush administration has fostered an environment that places oil and gas companies above the law,” said House Majority Leader, Alice Madden. “Billions of dollars of contracts are tied to bribery, illicit drug use, and having sex with the very people these government employees were supposed to be regulating. This certainly puts a whole new spin on the Republican mantra, ‘Drill Here, Drill Now.’ How much shame can one administration bring on a country? Enough is enough.”