It’s the lipstick, stupid!

While the mainstream media subjects Americans to a sound bite loop about cosmetics on a variety of four-legged animals, you have to wonder if this election is really still largely about the country’s struggling economy.

Actually, lipstick — or at least lipstick sales — can be a good economic indicator, rather than politicized lipstick banter.

The so-called “lipstick economy” occurs when women aren’t feeling financially secure enough to splurge on a big-ticket treat, but still want to make feel-good purchases. The phenomenon was first noticed by Leonard Lauder, the chairman of Estée Lauder Companies, during the economic downturn that followed the Sept. 11 attacks.

So while Gov. Sarah Palin points to lipstick as the divide between her and a pit bull, it may also prove to be what separates her from the Oval Office.


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