Obama, Palin to visit Colorado next week

Two weeks after accepting the nomination at Invesco Field, Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign announced a return visit to Colorado set for Monday. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin returns to the state early in the week too, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

Details on both visits were under wraps.

If the constant barrage of TV and radio ads weren’t convincing enough, the frequent visits by presidential candidates — on top of the Democratic National Convention — should make it clear Colorado’s nine Electoral College votes are up for grabs this year. Palin was last in Colorado on Saturday, when she joined Sen. John McCain for a rally in Colorado Springs.

The Rocky notes that McCain has visited Colorado nine times since May, while Obama has only made it here three times, albeit in front of 80,000 at his Invesco speech. Palin and Obama’s running mate Sen. Joe Biden have each been to Colorado once since May.

Can’t wait for the McCains’ next visit? Catch McCain and his wife, Cindy, on The View and The Rachel Ray Show on Friday.

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