Bob Schaffer plays with pigs with lipstick too

What with the “lipstick on a pig” having become the phrase o’ the week, it’s high time someone points out that U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer was glossing that sow’s rim way back in May. At the Colorado state GOP convention in Broomfield, Schaffer uttered one of his most memorable lines in his nominating speech when he mocked that “other party” for its claims of wanting change.

Schaffer made his pig-with-lipstick claim after rattling off a list of, what at least in his mind, are stark differences between Democrats and Republicans — you know, free markets good, less regulation good, one party domination rule bad (unless it’s Republicans). Rules bad, taxes bad, personal responsibility good. “That other party comes up with bad ideas more than our party,” said Schaffer, who is running against Democrat Mark Udall in November.

“What they want is not change; it’s just putting lipstick on a pig,” Shaffer said, to peals of laughter.

Laughter? Laughter? Was Schaffer calling someone a pig? Someone call McCain right away!

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