Hasan running richest state house race in Colorado

Republican State House District 56 candidate Ali Hasan has spent more on his campaign than any other state House candidate this year, and according to the Vail Daily, may be on track to set a new high-water mark for a Colorado legislative race.

According to the Daily, Hasan has raised more than $191,000 and spent more than $190,000 — all but $950 of that his own money. His Democratic opponent, incumbent Christine Scanlan of Dillon, has raised just under $31,000 and spent just under $11,000.

But now Hasan, who lives in the wealthy gated resort community of Beaver Creek and is the son of wealthy managed health-care pioneer and Pakistani emigrant Malik Hasan, is miffed because a 527 group called Accountability for Colorado is paying for mailers in support of Scanlan.

Hasan told the paper he hasn’t received 527 support because he doesn’t make promises to special interests in Denver, and his campaign manager, Kaye Ferry — the former Vail Chamber director who resigned after calling Front Range skiers riff-raff — said part of the reason 527s stay away from Hasan is because they give money to people who “need help.”

Scanlan told paper she doesn’t know anything about Accountability for Colorado, but wishes they would stay away: “(527s) are just a very weird part of our political process, and I would much prefer that they wouldn’t be involved,” Scanlan said.

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