UPDATED: Rocky publisher responds to funeral liveblog outrage

As if the controversy over the insensitivity of the Rocky Mountain News liveblogging a toddler’s funeral on Twitter, needed any more stoking publisher John Temple has now stepped into the fray.

UPDATE: Temple replies to concerns raised about the editorial decision behind the tweets in New Tech Raises Taste Questions.

A commenter at the online messageboard Sports Journalist.com discussing the controversy posts an email response he alleges to have received from Temple:

To describe Temple’s response as prickly and defensive would be charitable. To trot out the Columbine High School shooting tragedy and his own fatherhood as some rationale for this utterly indefensible editorial decision exemplifies how out of touch the Rocky Mountain News’ editorial leadership is — with or without the blinky, whirly geek tools to augment their reporting.

I never thought I’d say this, but, please, I beg of you, go back to liveblogging sinkholes and leave the microblogging to Hurricane Coverage, sports tickers and those of us who would never, ever consider tweeting “family members shovel earth into grave.”

h/t Westword

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