Ex-GOP operative on using foreclosure lists to block voters: ‘It works’

Our Michigan Messenger colleague Eartha Jane Melzer follows up on her blockbuster news story last week on a plan by the Macomb County Republican Party to challenge residents’ voting eligibility in predominantly Democratic neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosures.

Now, a veteran Republican activist and author of Confessions of a Republican Operative: How to Rig an Election spills the beans on how “holding down Democratic turnout is a key part of Republican strategy for victory in November.”

As for our report that the Michigan GOP planned to use foreclosure lists to block likely Democratic voters, [Allen] Raymond said: “It’s a very good tactic. It works.”

“It is actually a very smart thing to do,” he went on, “particularly in this climate with so many foreclosures.”

For Republicans, he said, targeting the foreclosures would be a cost-effective and “probably” legal method of reducing Democratic votes.

If he were still in the election business, he said, “I’d be doing that all day long.”

Read the rest of the story — Former GOP operative explains why Republicans will use foreclosure lists to block voters — at Michigan Messenger.com.

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