Blogger shuts down Musgrave campaign web site

A computer prankster took Marilyn Musgrave’s campaign site offline Tuesday afternoon and then posted his exploits on the Colorado Pols blog.

The blogger, named databoypols, claims to have stumbled onto a security glitch on the Musgrave site which allowed him to register as an administrator and take control of the site:

Musgrave’s site had a security hole the size of the gap between her record and her campaign. I thought I could create an account like at Barack Obama’s site, and I did. I didn’t think I should be able to re-configure the whole site! So I did — sorta. I turned off the site.

After failed attempts to contact the administrators via e-mail accounts listed on the site (“NO ONE HOME,” he notes), databoypols says he took the site down and made another attempt to contact the site’s owners to notify them of their security problem.

I wonder if anyone will notice?

Through the afternoon, attempts to access the Musgrave site yielded the following notice:

Site off-line

Marilyn Musgrave for Congress is currently under maintenance. We should be back shortly. Thank you for your patience.

“The site is down but we don’t know why,” said a Musgrave campaign staffer who answered a call from the Colorado Independent on Tuesday afternoon. “We have people dealing with it.”

The blogger didn’t return an e-mail message Tuesday afternoon.

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