Grand Junction GOP women urge Oprah boycott

Mesa County Republican women — or at least the ones who have paid 25 bucks to join the club — are swearing off Oprah.

The Western Slope organization voted Monday to boycott the popular daytime talk show because Oprah won’t be having Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a guest, according to a press release cited by Mike Saccone’s Political Notebook .

Fallout continues from Winfrey’s refusal to allow Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin on the highest rated day-time television show after inviting Obama to announce his campaign on her show. According to the MCRW, Oprah appears to have taken back a promise not to use The Oprah Windfrey Show to influence the Presidential election. This promise followed her campaign events and donations to Obama.

Oprah’s refusal to interview Palin places Oprah’s personal political investment over the importance of women’s issues in the United States,’ said Janet Blackman, president of the MCRW. ‘Oprah has interviewed VP and Presidential candidates during the campaign season in the past. Why should Palin’s appearance be delayed until after the election?’”

Does that mean they’ll be missing Tuesday’s show featuring Dr. Oz and the woman with a 140-pound tumor?

“I think I will skip that program,” Blackman told the Colorado Independent. She added that she hasn’t ever been a fan of Oprah.

“She does have some valuable things on,” Blackman acknowledged Tuesday morning. “But on this particular subject, she’s wrong.”

The group sent a notice to its 126 members to stop watching Oprah, Blackman said, and also urges members to cancel subscriptions to “O” magazine. “It’s premature to speculate on full compliance,” she said, but she noted the group’s executive board’s vote to support the boycott was unanimous.

Blackman also suggested Western Slopers might be able to see Palin soon, even if she’s not on the Oprah show. “Republicans in Mesa County are really hoping either she or Sen. McCain will be coming in the next few weeks,” she said.

The county is considered crucial to winning Colorado’s nine electoral votes, which could tip the national election, Blackman said.

Certainly the Democrats agree. Barack Obama made a stop in Grand Junction on Monday, marking the first visit by a presidential candidate since Bob Dole stumped there in 1996.

For those still watching Oprah, Tuesday’s show also includes regular guest Dr. Oz answering the question: “Do exercise pills really work?”

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