Anti-Ward Connerly TV spot debuts in Colorado

With less than six weeks until voters are asked to weigh in on the controversial Amendment 46 to end affirmative action in Colorado, a Washington, D.C., group has joined the fray.

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, a progressive organization that investigates conservative ballot measures, has released a TV ad in Colorado and Nebraska. The spot slams Ward Connerly, the California businessman behind the anti-affirmative action initiatives in both states. Connerly had tried to launch similar projects in three other states this year, but failed to get them onto the ballots.

Connerly, who is black, is described as a “fraud” in the ad, which says that he used his race to secure government contracts, even as he hopes to end similar programs. The ad also details Connerly’s use of his two non-profits to glean over $7 million for himself.

To wit:

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center also went live with a web page devoted to Connerly’s dealings today.

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