Brit bookmakers put odds on Obama to win

Sen. John McCain took a political gamble Wednesday when he announced he was halting his campaign — potentially delaying Friday’s presidential debate — in order to focus on the country’s current economic crisis.

But if Americans literally want to gamble on this year’s presidential election, they should put their money on his Democratic rival.

Obama is the sure bet, with a more than 60 percent chance of taking the White House to McCain’s 30-plus percent, according to the wagers at, a web site that lets financial risk takers bet on anything from weather and rugby matches to which city will host the 2016 Olympics (Chicago is currently favored.)

The British web site also offers the chance to bet on which state party will come away with the biggest wins this fall in each of the 50 states. Colorado Democrats have a 57-percent chance beating out Republicans, giving gamblers who bet 60 British pounds on square state donkeys a return of 100 pounds, according to the odds makers.

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