Siegelman revs up contempt campaign against Rove

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman stepped up his contempt campaign against former White House chief of staff Karl Rove this week, working the Hill and firing off a call to action to supporters asking them to put pressure on Congress to act before the end of the final 2008 session.

Siegelman, a Democrat, was convicted on corruption charges in 2005 but released on appeal after spending nine months of a seven-year sentence in a federal prison. In a Denver speech last month, Siegelman claims he was railroaded by the Bush administration in a politically motivated case trumped up by Rove himself.

The White House political adviser and GOP campaign strategist was subpoenaed last spring to appear before the House Judiciary Committee to answer allegations he interfered in Justice Department cases, among them the Siegelman conviction.

But Rove, now a FOX News commentator and occasional Wall Street Journal columnist who is reportedly still advising Bush and Sen. John McCain, has steadfastly refused to appear, and Siegelman wants him held in contempt of Congress before a new Congress and administration comes in and loses interest in his case.

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