Most Colorado bundlers not for Obama or McCain

Some of Colorado’s biggest movers and shakers were included on the presidential bundling lists of Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama, The Colorado Independent reported Thursday. The top two presidential candidates accounted for only 20 of Colorado’s 64 bundlers, though.

Want to know who the other 44 people are and which candidate they support?

According to, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney had 33 Coloradans bundling presidential cash for him during the 2008 election.

Jeff Adams, Western Capital Partners
Sen. Wayne Allard, U.S. Senate
Jay Allen, Unknown
Don Bailey, Triton Investment Company
Frederick K. Balli, Real Estate
Bob Beauprez, Rocky Mountain Community Foundation
Claudia Beauprez, Homemaker
Bruce D. Benson, Benson Mineral Group / President University of Colorado
Marcy Benson, Homemaker
Maria Garcia Berry, CRL Associates Inc.
Scott Congel, Precision Jet Management
Alex Cranberg, Aspect Resources LLC
Cortlandt Dietler, Allard Finance
Meg Duke, Homemaker
Mark Falcone, Continuum Partners
Bill Fisher, Self-Employed
Sergio Gutierrez, Phaseline Strategies
Frederic Hamilton, Hamilton Company
Jane Hamilton, Self-Employed
William Hybl, El Pomar
Eric Jenson, Jenson and Associates
Mary Pat Link, Farrell-Roeh Group LLC
Andy McElhaney, Colorado State Senate
Shawn Mitchell, Colorado State Senate
Marcus Mollmann, Ameriton Properties
Dave Noble, Weston Pass Partners LLC
Bill Owens, RBS GReenwich Capital/JBC Group
Charlie Peck, Destination Hotels & Resorts Inc.
Doug Robinson, St. Charles Capital
Scott Sellers, Archstone-Smith
Leslie Stanfod, Healthquest International
John Strohm, Farrell-Roeh Group LLC
John Suthers, Colorado Attorney General

Former South Carolina Sen. John Edwards had nine Colorado bundlers.

Andy Boian, Dovetails Solutions
Ross B.H. Buchanan, Buchanan Jurdem and Cederberg
David L. Friedman, Sandy River Healthy Systems
Anne Gurchick, Aspenwags Pet Store
George E. McLaughlin, McDermott, Hansen & McLaughlin
Christopher Meza, Unknown
Murray Ogborn, Ogborn Summerlin Ogborn
Darin Schanker, Bachus & Schanker LLC
Al Yates, Political Consultant

New Mexico Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson had two Colorado bundlers in 2008.

Norman Brownstein, Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck
Michael J. Stratton, Stratton & Associates

Former First Lady and New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton had one Colorado bundler in 2008.

Mike J. Driver, Patton Boggs – Raised more than $100,000

Campaigns individually decide how much of their bundling activities to disclose. Sens. Hillary Clinton, McCain and Obama are the only presidential candidates to report the amount of bundling each donor has generated, but only in the form of numeric ranges such as less than $100,000 or more than $500,000