Ward Connerly responds to negative ad

Last week, a TV ad criticizing anti-affirmative action guru Ward Connerly appeared in Colorado and Nebraska.

The ad, which is sponsored by the progressive Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, claims that Connerly has garnered more than $7 million from two non-profits he has used to bring anti-affirmative action ballot measures to Colorado, Nebraska and several other states. In Colorado, the measure is known as the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, or Amendment 46.

According to The Associated Press, Connerly has defended his actions, saying that the cash from the non-profits goes to pay staff and attorneys as well as his own salary. In the story, Connerly says that “suggestions that he’s involved in the campaign to make money are false.”

But Connerly has benefited financially from his efforts. In 2006 alone his salary totaled $1.6 million, a figure that prompted members of Congress to call for an investigation as to whether or not Connerly has excessively profited from his organizations.

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