A cowtown no more; Denver leads on sustainability

With the Democratic National Convention fading into memory, Denver has unofficially rebranded itself as a global city. At least that’s what Andre Pettigrew, Denver’s executive director of economic development said yesterday at a meeting hosted by the Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy, a trade association devoted to sustainable practices.

“We can now say we are global Denver, and that’s a long way from cowtown Denver,” said Pettigrew. By naming the DNC the greenest convention in history, he added, the city has shown national leadership on environmental issues.

Pettigrew detailed the city’s climate initiative plan, which includes retrofitting streetlights, citywide recycling and transitioning the city’s fleet to low-emission vehicles. Now, he said, the city is “connecting behavioral change to economic development,” meaning that private sector players, like hotels, will be trained in green practices.


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