Palin Bingo: ‘Wait, did she say Job Creation or Creation Science?’

Sure, the fate of the Free World could hinge on Joe Biden’s ability to be nice — but not too nice, that would be patronizing! — and Sarah Palin’s ability to complete a sentence, but that doesn’t mean debate watchers need to approach the spectacle as seriously as the campaigns have. Gather some friends, uncap your markers and settle in for a game of Palin Bingo!

That’s right, there’s still time to download and print Palin Bingo cards, filled with an impressive array of buzzwords and phrases likely to fall out of the Alaska governor’s mouth in that charming accent. You may want to print out more than one card per player, however, because she could fill up the “Maverick,” “Reformers,” “Glass Ceiling” and “Hockey Mom” squares before she finishes her opening statement.

Here are the rules:

• Whenever Sarah Palin says a word or phrase in one of your boxes, check it off.
• If you check 5 boxes in any straight or diagonal line, you win PALIN BINGO!
• The center box, “Air Space” is free. Go ahead and check that off right away.
• For extra points, try and score a “Media Black-Out”, by filling in all the boxes on your card!
• Try using a blank sheet to make your own PALIN BINGO card.

That’s right, the mysterious funmakers who built Palin Bingo even include a blank card to fill with your own favorite phrases from the Land of the Midnight Sun’s favorite former part-time small-town mayor, downloadable here.

For those who can’t stand to watch the debate sober, the folks at Square State have devised a VP Debate Drinking Game, which takes equal aim at Palin and Biden. Here’s a sample:

Take a Gulp when:
Biden mentions lipstick,
pigs, or hockey
Biden clarifies what he meant about clean coal
Palin stalls by repeating a previous sentence or phrase

And most of all, have fun!