Clear Channel pulls anti-Musgrave ad from airwaves

A radio advertisement against Republican U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave being run by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund (DOWAF) was pulled off the air briefly Thursday by Clear Channel Communications after questions over the accuracy of the attack were raised. The DOWAF modified the ad slightly in response and the ad has subsequently been reinstated on Clear Channel stations.

As noted in The Fort Collins Coloradoan today, Clear Channel took the unusual step of removing an ad that said Musgrave sponsored legislation to that would personally benefit her bottom line, a reference to a bill she signed on as a sponsor that would reduce taxes on precious metals in America, after the Republican National Congressional Committee (RNCC) filed an official complaint with the media company.

“To make such false and inflammatory statements deliberately intended to mislead listeners into thinking Rep. Musgrave is drafting legislation for her own financial benefit is not only actionable, but also an aberration of the truth, and an affront to your listeners,” the RNCC said in a written complaint to Clear Channel.

Musgrave’s husband, Steve, has a precious metals collection and would benefit by the legislation that has been stuck in committee for a number of years. Musgrave’s campaign has consistently said the three-term incumbent from Fort Morgan is a fiscal conservative who always works to reduce the taxes of working Americans.

The DOWAF quickly changed the advertisement to say Musgrave sponsored legislation that would give her a “big tax break” and the ad has resumed running.