FOX News: Palin has hit the books since disastrous Couric interviews

FOX News gave Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin the chance on Friday to study up and retake the pop quiz she failed earlier this week when she couldn’t tell CBS anchor Katie Couric which Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with or which newspapers she regularly read.

“There was a sense that she’d gone back to the books,” FOX reporter Carl Cameron said, introducing the segment.

Sounding positively professorial, Palin rattles off a series of high court decisions — Kennedy vs. Louisiana, which reversed the death sentence of a child rapist, Kelo vs. New London, which threw eminent domain property rights in the government’s favor, and Exxon vs. Baker, which sided with the oil company on punative damages.

She also told Carl Cameron she regularly read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

Those were easy. So how come she flubbed her answers in the Couric interviews?

“The reason that some of her answers to many seemed inadequate was not that she didn’t know the answers,” Cameron reports, “it was that she was annoyed. And she apologized for that annoyance and said that in the future she would make a better effort to try to not be too impatient with the mainstream media.”

The mainstream media didn’t return calls but is likely to continue to be impatient with Palin for her refusal to hold a press conference more than a month after being named to the Republican ticket.

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